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Turkey Hill Minit Markets

Our grand re-opening on the corner of Broad and Nelson in Columbus, OH features fresh groceries, produce, chicken, and more.

Store #706At the Turkey Hill Minit Markets store on the corner of Broad and Nelson, Columbus, Ohio, we've been working hard on upgrades to bring you the best Turkey Hill experience possible.

With the renovations complete, we're proud to announce that this location now offers a delicious variety of rotisserie and fried chicken, plus fresh Kroger produce, meats, and groceries ranging from bananas to bread, ground beef to bologna, potatoes to tomatoes, fresh eggs, milk, and more.

These enhancements make the Columbus store so much more than just a place to refuel the vehicle and grab a pop or candy bar. It's a grocery store, restaurant, convenience store, fuel station, and then some, all in one-with the fast, friendly, and convenient service that's made Turkey Hill Minit Markets famous in the three-state region we serve!

There's so much to experience at Turkey Hill Minit Markets, and you have to see it to believe it.

So come visit us at the corner of Broad and Nelson in Columbus, OH and take a fresh look at everything Turkey Hill Minit Markets has "in-store" for you — 24 hours a day, every day!